Vintage Philosophical Packaging


It looks like someone took old Walter Kaufmann paperbacks from the 60's and redecorated a 1970's era ice cream parlour on that basis.


And it looks like that someone might be ... ME.

But we can make-believe it's real! These images! - their print quality! the textures! You can almost reach out and touch how their artifactuality constitutes tangible, documentary proof of an alternative, more gracious timeline than our own.


Imagine a world in which safety matches, lozenges, celluloid collars, tooth polish, pastilles, lithia water, anthelmintic vermifuges, and sundry patent medicines, in which the active ingredients include arsenic, sarsparilla and wintergreen, are never vended, save in cheap, disposable packaging graced by the staring visages of famous, dead, white, male European philosophers.

In short, if you want to prove you can't spell 'eudaimonia' our 'euhemerism' without the 'ephemera', this product packaging is for you.

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All images are © John Holbo, 2021.