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This site is free but your support is appreciated. I don't have a Patreon. I have an Amazon Associates account. Click the link, or the image - poor, begging fellow! Go to Amazon. Do your shopping. Check out. I get a small cut at no additional cost to you. (I promised the wife I wouldn't LOSE money on this.)

Shop the Shop!

When you've been drawing for a while, the stuff starts to pile up. So I made a RedBubble Store. I have also made a Threadless Store.


I don't have On Beyond Zarathustra merch, nor Squid & Owl swag yet. It's only decent to wait until Z gets wildly popular. (I'll probably add Squid & Owl designs if there is any  enthusiasm left out there for the poor dears.) 

I may have gone ... too far (as Kant said of pure reason.) But you might get a duvet cover out of it - Kant, Hegel & Kierkegaard. Or Wittgenstein & Russell. Or a mug, sticker or magnet. A normal person might like that!

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